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Solidteknics AUS-ION Satin flaming skillet

On sale! $100.00

-- DISCOUNTED -- Due to small rust spots on the handle, these pans are at a never before seen price! Rust spots only appeared because the pans arrive in an unseasoned state, and can be affected by the elements until they are protected by seasoning. Very easily remedied, all you have to do it scour the rust and oil it and it will be like brand new. See image for detail.

A new innovation in grilling and roasting for vegetables and meats, no other mesh pan is made from one thick, durable, rivetless and strong 3mm steel piece for long-term, heavy-duty restaurant use in the harshest of cooking environments. Made to fit into the 26cm Skillet, for nestling and catching all those yummy juices! (combo price available, please email for details)

This item is part of the AUS-ION 'Satin' range (previously just AUS-ION, this cookware has been relaunched after a breakthrough in the surfacing of the smooth sheet iron.) The pan is minutely hammered at high speeds all over the surface to mimic a fine cast iron finish. This means that the factory pre-seasoning is much stronger (and more rust resistant), and new owners of the Australian iron pans can season them much more easily than the old smooth steel version.

These pans are still all one piece, so no warping and no handles falling off, and they still come with a multi-century warrantee. True heirloom pans, these will be ones you can hand down through the generations.

Discounts are offered when buying 3 or more pieces in the Solidteknics range - please email with enquiry before making purchase.

Solidteknics was developed by food-loving mechanical engineer MJ Henry for centuries of performance for pro chefs and serious home cooks. Built on the premise that there are enough people like us who are tired of the waste and damage of the disposable consumer world, and are willing to think before they buy, Solidteknics products are made to last. With a multi century warrantee, these guys stand behind their product and their word.